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Peter Kriz, M.D.

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Associate Professor (Clinical)
Division of Sports Medicine

Appointment Information:

Patient Appointments, Scheduling & Administration
Call: 401-457-2188
Fax: 401-270-5420


Peter Kriz, M.D.

Associate Professor (Clinical)
Division of Sports Medicine

Dr. Kriz is a graduate of Boston College and Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr. Kriz completed a pediatric and chief residency at Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children's Hospital. He completed a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine at Children's Hospital Boston in 2010. Dr. Kriz's research interests include injury prevention in youth sports and sport-related concussion. He currently provides team physician responsibilities to student-athletes at Brown University and several area high schools, and concussion management for the Providence Bruins Professional Hockey Team. Special interests include biomechanical/video analysis and injury assessment of the throwing athlete, musculoskeletal ultrasound, dance medicine, and sports concussion management. He is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, and has lectured at several national meetings on the topic of youth sports injuries.

Meet Dr. Peter Kriz


Kettle Point
1 Kettle Point Ave.
East Providence, RI

East Greenwich
1598 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI

Professional Affiliations:

  • Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Associate Professor (Clinical), Brown Medical School, Division of Sports Medicine


Dr. Kriz performs 2-dimensional (2D) high-speed video analysis of baseball pitchers at our Kettle Point PT gym on Friday afternoons. This assessment is open to youth, high school, and college throwing athletes—whether they have incurred a pitching-related injury or just would like an objective assessment of their pitching biomechanics.

This evaluation consists of two visits. The first visit is one hour and begins with a history, physical examination, review of pertinent imaging studies (e.g., X-rays, MRIs) if indicated. After a proper warmup and stretch, an in-depth assessment of the pitcher’s mechanics during all phases of the pitching delivery (windup, stride, cocking, acceleration, deceleration, and follow-through) is provided utilizing 2D video analysis. A biomechanical screening tool (ACES—Assessment of biomeChanical Efficiency System) is utilized to score the pitcher’s performance. This screening tool is currently being developed by researchers at Brown, Harvard, and the University of South Carolina.

The second visit is 30 minutes and occurs several weeks later. During this session, we review the video with the athlete, and the athlete receives a detailed analysis of his pitching mechanics to identify biomechanical strengths and errors which may be compromising performance and contributing to injury. Additionally, physical therapy or strength & conditioning recommendations may be made for the thrower to incorporate into either in- or off-season programs. With the athlete’s consent, this video can also be made available to the athlete’s pitching coach, physical therapist, and strength/conditioning coach via a secure, internet-based portal.

We have found that this multidisciplinary approach to injured throwers can be successful in correcting kinetic chain imbalances, guiding rehabilitation, preventing injury recurrence, and enhancing performance. The cost is $295. Please call Dr. Kriz’s office at (401) 457-2188 to schedule.

If you have scheduled an assessment in our Thrower’s Clinic, please remember to bring appropriate clothing and equipment (shorts/sweatpants, sneakers, glove).

Please see Dr. Kriz’s publications on 2D video analysis and ulnar collateral injuries.

R. Montagano Pitching Analysis

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Please click here to download a pdf with instructions on how to view a Pitching Analysis Video on Dartfish TV

Concussion Clinic

Questions and answers on youth sports and concussion risk with Dr. Peter Kriz

Dr. Peter Kriz, chief of primary care sports medicine at University Orthopedics and assistant team physician for Brown University Athletics, answered a set of questions on the risks of concussions in youth sports in general and Pop Warner (football) in particular. Please click here to read the complete article.

Knocked out: Concussion study questions involvement of young teens in collision sports The study by a Providence doctor ran from 2012 to 2015 and involved 145 patients ages 13 to 18.

Dr. Peter Kriz featured in Providence Journal article, please click here to read the complete article. Excerpt below.

...It would typically involve a 14-year-old hockey player who was talented enough to make the varsity squad but was still going through puberty. "He had peach fuzz and weighed 140 pounds soaking wet," said Kriz. "He was going in to the corner to dig out a puck."

That's when a larger, usually fully developed defender came swooping in to deliver a hit so jarring it injured the child's brain, requiring time out of school and sport to heal.

"It was like a broken record," said Kriz, who became so concerned about the pattern that in 2012 he launched a study with colleagues in Massachusetts to collect data on concussions in male and female hockey players. He did the research as a sports medicine physician and researcher with Hasbro Children’s Hospital... Read more here.

Concussion injury potential offsets benefit of ‘playing up’ in youth hockey, study argues

Dr. Peter Kriz featured in "The Globe and Mail" article by WENCY LEUNG, click here to read the complete article.

Excerpt from article: ...Lead author Dr. Peter Kriz, of the department of orthopedics at Rhode Island Hospital, explains that talented young athletes are often encouraged to “play up,” or to play at a higher level with older, more advanced players, to give them opportunity to develop skills. In some circumstances, 14-year-olds may be grouped with players aged 18 and under, he says.

“The potential injury risk, specifically with concussion, probably outweighs the benefits of developing skill,” says Kriz, a sports-medicine physician affiliated with Brown University. “What we see is sometimes those really skilled, younger, undersized players accrue a few injuries, and then, unfortunately, they can’t really sustain contact. They get symptomatic and in some cases they have to leave the sport.” Read more here.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Peter Kriz Comments Would Recommend

Absolutely terrific

I appreciate the time he took to go over the ultrasound and explain what he thought was wrong. Thank you! 100%
The best. Thorough, clear, professional and kind 100%
Dr Kristen provided excellent care was very easy to converse with and showed great care and concern for my 12 year old son 100%
Peter Kriz is a consummate professional and wonderful gentleman. His knowledge, combined with his kindness is a model for all professionals. In colloquial terms, Peter Kriz is a Beast! And that is a great thing!!! 100%
We were impressed by Dr Kriz’s efforts to coordinate John’s care, explain the treatment plan options and make referrals where necessary. 100%
Excellent physician. 100%
A professional & knowledgeable caregiver. 100%
I had a great experience with dr Kriz.. During the procedure he was calming, kind & very gentle. 100%
I have had several visits with Dr. Kriz, and have always felt he was "listening and concerned" . I've felt comfortable asking questions and receiving answers. Very satisfied. 100%
Office staff coordinated changes to appointment necessitated by Dr Kriz schedule smoothly and effectively. 90%
Great experience. Felt like Dr. Kriz really knew what he was talking about and was extremely helpful in formulating a plan to care for the injury. 100%
Dr. Kriz is our familys' Orthopedic Doctor and we find him to be the best we have encountered yet. He cares for our Daughters dance injuries and my sons' Baseball issues and monitors him closely. Thank you for all you do! 100%
Great! 100%
We were very plase with Dr. Kriz's assessment and care. 100%

Dr. Kriz was very thorough with his evaluation of our son’s injury including seeking other opinions to be sure the injury was dealt with the best possible treatment for long term healing sucess.

Outstanding doctor. 100%

Outstanding visit from start to finish, The women at the desk for the X‐ray prior to seeing the Dr are amazing ....You are incredibly lucky to have these women working for you

Very thorough and understanding of my condition. 100%
AMAZING!!!! Family oriented. Spoke to each of us with special consideration, questions and view‐points. Treated patient with kindness, respect and dignity. Utmost patience with “hysterical” mom. 100%
Heather in Dr. Kriz's office was extremely helpful and personable. 100%
Excellent professional 100%
Excellent, knowledgeable, clear and concise 100%
Thank you for your time. 100%
Excellent!!! 100%
Dr. Kriz was very thorough in his exam. He took the time to have my daughter do a variety of movements pertaining to her pain and based on her x‐ray. He told us what he thought was going on with her back and recommend an MRI to confirm. My daughter is a 12 year old competitive gymnast and I love the fact that he is knowledgeable about the sport and the affects on the athletes body. 100%
Dr. Peter Kriz was, without a doubt, the most professional, brilliant, and compassionate medical professional I’ve ever had the opportunity of working with. More importantly, his post‐diagnostic care for my son was extremely sports specific. it included which movements he was allowed to do in which sports, and exactly how to prevent a recurring injury. My son would’ve been devastated if he couldn’t return to hockey. Dr. Kriz actually understood this and even gave him a sports pep talk !! I wouldn’t hesitate to send my own athletes there as well as both my own super athlete children! 100%
My 16 year old athlete thinks that Dr. Kriz is a “savage”. In adult speak, that is translated to the best doctor ever. We are very grateful for his care. Kriz is excellent with young people. His thoughtfulness is genuine and his patients feel at ease. Thankful for Dr. Kriz and his staff! 100%
Dr. Kriz has done an excellent job in treating me for two previous injuries, which is why I returned to him for care of this one. 100%
This was our second visit for the same condition affecting my daughter's collarbone. Here is my observation and concern. The diagnosis regarding her collarbone on her first visit was correct. We were given no solution... in essence... live with it. There was no chance of healing or improvement. There was an obvious, long term, impact to my daughter's quality of life. I decided to make an appointment to revisit this issue as I did some research and learned that there were invasive and non‐invasive solutions. Only after a second visit was a solution presented. It wasn't based on any new discovery or technology. This has resulted in a loss of several months in which a surgery could have been performed and healing having taken place over the summer rather than during the core of the school year. She would have been reengaging in activities and enjoying a normal life.This is the second time this has happened with this practice, the first being a complete misdiagnosis of a separated ACL and MCL in my son's knee, again costing many months of pain and loss of quality of life.Two different doctors, same behavior. Is this an endemic issue at University Orthopedics? We are 2 for 2 in initial failed diagnoses and solutions. 60%
Dr Kriz demonstrates such professionalism really showed sincerity to the patient, my son. He really made us feel comfortable and know we are receiving the BEST care possible 100%
The best sports medicine doctor. 100%
Always supportive 100%
He was very aimiable and professional an thorough! 100%
Dr Kris has a great bedside manner.Takes the time to listen and makes you feel comfortable with coming up with a plan.He is very good at any type of procedure he may do . Never feel it go see him 100%