George J. Pasquarello, DO, FAAO Awarded Highest Honor Bestowed by National Osteopathic Medical Organization

Indianapolis—George J. Pasquarello, DO, FAAO, of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, received the highest honor that the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO) awards on March 25, 2017 during its Convocation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Named the Andrew Taylor Still Medallion of Honor, the award is given to AAO members who have exhibited an exceptional understanding and application of osteopathic principles and concepts and for outstanding accomplishments in scientific or professional affairs. The award is named after Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO, the founder of osteopathic medicine.

Dr. Pasquarello specializes in neuromusculoskeletal medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine (NMM/OMM), prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections. He currently practices at University Orthopedics, Inc. in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Dr. Pasquarello is a 1993 graduate of the University of New England College Of Osteopathic Medicine (UNECOM) in Biddeford, Maine. He is board certified in NMM/OMM, and he holds a certificate of added qualifications in Pain Medicine.

Having served as a program director for UNECOM’s NMM/OMM residency and combined NMM and family medicine residency, Dr. Pasquarello was section chief at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine, for osteopathic manipulative medicine from 1998 to 2002. He also has served as faculty for the OMM Department at UNECOM for 10 years, and he continues to host student and resident rotations in his practice, including family medicine, internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine and pain medicine.

In addition, Dr. Pasquarello has been vitally active in all levels of the osteopathic profession. He was the 2009-10 president of the AAO, and he currently serves on the AAO’s Board of Governors. He also has served on the Academy’s Education Committee and the Postdoctoral Standards and Evaluation Committee, which he chaired from 2000 to 2007.

The founding president of the Foundation for Osteopathic Research and Continuous Education (FORCE), he lead the foundation through its early development.

Dr. Pasquarello is a former president of the Rhode Island Society of Osteopathic Physicians, and continues to serve on its board of trustees. He regularly represents Rhode Island at the American Osteopathic Association’s House of Delegates.

Dr. Pasquarello has also served on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education as a member of the Osteopathic Principles Committee. He served on the American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine for two terms, and he was on the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners’ Standard Setting Committee Level III in 2000.

He continues to be involved in teaching, research and has published articles, book chapters and is a co-author of the medical text Principles of Prolotherapy.

For more information on Dr. Pasquarello, contact Sherri Quarles at the American Academy of Osteopathy at (317) 879-1881, ext. 214, or at

The United States currently has approximately 100,000 osteopathic physicians. Also known as DOs, osteopathic physicians are fully licensed physicians, as are MDs. Since 1986, the number of DOs has increased by 276 percent. Osteopathic physicians prescribe medicine and practice in all specialties, including osteopathic manipulative medicine, family medicine, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, and surgery. They are trained to consider the health of the whole person and to use their hands to help diagnose and treat patients.

The mission of the American Academy of Osteopathy is to teach, promote, and research the science, art and philosophy of osteopathic medicine, emphasizing the integration of osteopathic principles and practice in patient care. Founded in 1937, the Academy is a specialty college of the American Osteopathic Association.

Injuries to younger athletes becoming more common

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — After a long winter of being cooped up indoors, many kids are excited to get outside and start playing spring sports. But, it’s important to make sure they don’t overdo it.

Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. James Maher said sports-related injuries are becoming more common in younger athletes.

“The kids seem to be doing sports, the same sport, year round, so that just puts a toll on their body parts and they don’t have a chance to rest,” Maher said, adding that the most common spring sport-related injury is found in young baseball players. “That ulnar collateral ligament that sometimes requires Tommy John surgery is a frequent problem nowadays.”

To avoid the injury, pitchers should limit the number of pitches they throw per game. For example, young pitchers can safely throw 40 pitches per game, while older players may be able to double that amount.

“You want to make sure there are several days of rest in between,” said Maher.

While shoulder and elbow injuries are common in softball and tennis players, the doctor said other athletes should pay special attention to different body parts.

“The knee and the ankle are more common with lacrosse and track and field. Golf takes a toll on one’s back, so those are some of the more common injuries,” Maher explained.

"Of course, staying in decent shape and proper nutrition – including plenty of protein and carbohydrates – are common sense ways to help prevent injuries," he said.

Dr. Gwynne Bragdon Joins Surgical Team at University Orthopedics

Gwynne Bragdon, orthopedic surgeon rhode islandProvidence, RI (March 21, 2017) – University Orthopedics (UOI) today announced the addition of Dr. Gwynne Bragdon to its Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Division of Hand, Upper Extremity and Microvascular Surgery at Newport Hospital. Dr. Bragdon specializes in hand, upper extremity and orthopedic surgery. She is board-certified in both Orthopedics and Hand Surgery.

As the leader of comprehensive orthopedic care in the region, UOI is committed to providing enhanced outcomes for all patients experiencing acute and chronic pain and injury. The addition of Dr. Bragdon will serve to expand the University Orthopedics’ Hand Surgery division, ensuring that all patients with hand and upper extremity injuries receive the most specialized care available.

Dr. Bragdon is now a member of the Orthopedic Hand, Upper Extremity and Microvascular Surgery Division of the Department of Orthopedics at Newport Hospital. She specializes in the care of patients with injuries to the upper extremity including fractures of the hand, forearm and elbow fractures, arthritis, tendonitis, and peripheral nerve injuries, and nerve compression problems. Dr. Bragdon did her Orthopaedic training at the University of Rochester, and completed a fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at Brown University. Dr. Bragdon has practiced orthopedic surgery and hand surgery in Pittsburgh at both Level 1 trauma centers and community hospitals from 2008-2016. She is a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, as well as the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

“We are thrilled that Dr. Bragdon has joined our upper extremity orthopedic surgical team” said Edward Akelman, M.D., president of University Orthopedics. “She is an extremely experienced orthopedic surgeon, skilled in the latest orthopedic surgical procedures. Dr. Bragdon shares our commitment to superior care and we are pleased to expand the division for our patients.”

Dr. Bragdon resides in Barrington, RI with her husband, Dr. Andrew Evans, a trauma surgeon at University Orthopedics, and their two children.

For more information, click here. Appointments can be made through our central scheduling service at 401-457-1500.

Medical offices find home in East Providence

East Providence is emerging as a hot spot for medical-office buildings. The proximity to major hospital centers in Providence and highway access have helped to attract medical offices and new development to the city. Now under construction in the Kettle Point development on the waterfront, off Veterans Memorial Parkway, is the $40 million building to house University Orthopedics.

Click here to view the entire story.

Dr. Brett Owens, MD featured on WJARTV/NBC

University Orthopedics, Inc. Brett Owens, MD was featured this week on WJAR TV/ NBC by health reporter Barbara Morse Silva WJAR. Dr. Owens and co-researcher Chat Jayasuria, PhD are looking at using human stem cells to repair knee injuries. This research was funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences through Brown University. Click here to view the entire story.

Drs. Matthew Smith, George Pasquarello and David Bica from East Greenwich Spine & Sport Join University Orthopedics

Providence, RI (February 14, 2017) – University Orthopedics announced the addition of East Greenwich Spine & Sport physicians Matthew Smith, George Pasquarello and David Bica to its organization. With the addition of the non-operative services provided by these physicians, University Orthopedics reinforces its position as the leader of comprehensive orthopedic care in the region.

University Orthopedics and these former East Greenwich Spine & Sport physicians share a vision of providing multidisciplinary care in a comprehensive center of excellence. Founded in 1990, University Orthopedics, Inc., remains a leading center for orthopedic care, research and rehabilitation in Southern New England. Historically, the physicians at East Greenwich Spine & Sport have provided a blend of conventional and innovative medicine to patients with acute and chronic injuries to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems since 2003.

Drs. Matthew Smith, George Pasquarello, and David Bica join the medical team at University Orthopedics to deliver high quality non-operative services. Adding new specialists is part of University Orthopedics’ ongoing effort to improve both patient access and experience.

“We are thrilled to have Drs. Smith, Pasquarello and Bica join our team, on March 1st, at University Orthopedics. The addition of their skill sets in pain management and musculoskeletal care reinforces our commitment to quality care for our patients,” said Edward Akelman, M.D., president of University Orthopedics.Matthew smith, orthopedic surgeon rhode island

Matthew Smith, MD, EMHL, serves as Director of System Integration. Dr. Smith treats patients with cervical, thoracic and lumbar epidural spinal steroid injections, facet injections, medial branch blocks and radiofrequency ablation, sacroiliac joint injections and radiofrequency ablation. In addition, Dr. Smith treats patients with peripheral joint and soft tissue injections, peripheral nerve blocks, medicolegal consultations and electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCS). Click here for more information.

George Pasquarello, orthopedic surgeon rhode islandGeorge Pasquarello, DO, brings over 20 years of practice as a clinical specialist in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Pain Medicine. Dr. Pasquarello provides Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for all age groups for acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as injuries due to work, sports, trauma and repetitive motion. Dr. Pasquarello performs musculoskeletal ultrasound for the diagnosis of injuries as well as fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided joint and spine injections. Additional treatments provided by Dr. Pasquarello include prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections for ligament and tendon injuries, and viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid injections for osteoarthritis. Click here for more information.

david bica, orthopedic surgeon rhode islandDavid Bica, DO, joins University Orthopedics after practicing three years with East Greenwich Spine & Sport. Dr. Bica serves as an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Dr. Bica is board certified in Family Medicine with a certificate of added qualification in Sports Medicine. Dr. Bica performs osteopathic manipulative medicine for the treatment of neck and lower back pain, fluoroscopic spinal injections and both diagnostic and interventional musculoskeletal ultrasound. Click here for more information.


5th Annual New England Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Summit: April 1st, 2017

The New England Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Summit 2017: Advances in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Surgery, Rehabilitation, and Injury Prevention is a one day conference targeting physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, athletic trainers, nurses, chiropractors, medical students, primary care physicians, and orthopedic/sports medicine physicians. Evidence for optimal surgical and post-operative ACL injury management, and prevention of ACL injury is constantly evolving. Understanding and integrating this evidence is crucial to achieving optimal patient outcomes. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of current and emerging evidence detailing surgical, rehabilitation, and prevention considerations with ACL injury. This program will feature an integrated format combining lectures, open panel discussion, and hands-on breakout workshop sessions offering opportunities for application and detailed exploration of presented concepts.

Click here to download the PDF.

University Orthopedics President, Edward Akelman, MD, joins WJAR Ch10 anchor Frank Coletta

University Orthopedics President, Edward Akelman, MD, joins WJAR Ch10 anchor Frank Coletta on "Business Lunch" to discuss the Kettle Point Development in East Providence.

Click here to watch the interview.

new office in east provience rhode island hospital, national institute for cancer research, bone cancer, Rhode Island, ProvidenceGroundbreaking Ceremony Celebrating University Orthopedics’ New Home!

"University Orthopedics is excited to be a part of the economic growth and development in the City of East Providence," said Edward Akelman, M.D., the president of University Orthopedics. "This state-of the art facility enables us to provide the highest quality orthopedic care, comparable to the best care available anywhere in the country." Read the complete news article on the Groundbreaking Held for University Orthopedics New Medical Facility, please click here.


IlluminOss: Promising Data on Lightfix, featured in Orthopedics This Week Publication

new office in east provience rhode island hospital, national institute for cancer research, bone cancer, Rhode Island, Providence

Richard Terek, M.D. presented preliminary data on IlluminOss Medical’s LightFix trial at a recent Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (MSTS) Meeting in Detroit. The multicenter study looks at “the IlluminOss System for the treatment of impending and actual pathological fractures in the humerus from metastatic bone disease. Preliminary results from the U.S. trial measured pain and functional improvement, as well as evaluated safety and performance.”

"The preliminary results of the LightFix trial have been extremely positive in that the investigators found that the device was less invasive than many standard orthopedic implants. The early data suggests that the patients achieved a decrease in pain and an increase in return to function through the use of the IlluminOss implant," said Dr. Terek. "We are encouraged with the results of the IlluminOss System and look forward to its availability in the USA. It will offer the U.S. market a new and much-needed alternative for the treatment of patients with metastatic bone disease and other complex fractures."

Dr. Terek is an orthopedic surgeon and musculoskeletal oncologist who specializes in reconstructive surgery and musculoskeletal oncology. He serves also as professor in the department of orthopedic surgery at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. To read the complete article, please click here.

Dr. Richard Terek Utilizes World’s Only Minimally Invasive, Patient-Conforming Implant to Treat Patient with Impending Cancer Related Fracture

IlluminOss Medical has announced that its first patient at Rhode Island Hospital has been successfully treated as part of its Lightfix clinical trial.

The company, a commercial stage medical device company focused on minimally invasive orthopedic fracture repair, said the patient was treated by Dr. Richard Terek.

“IlluminOss’ technology promises to fulfill an important clinical need for patients with metastatic bone disease,” Terek, chief of the Orthopedic Oncology Center at University Orthopedics, attending orthopedic surgeon at The Miriam and Rhode Island hospitals and chief of orthopaedic surgery at the Providence VA Medical Center, said in a statement.

“In cases of metastatic carcinoma the cancer often destroys so much of the bone that it is difficult to achieve stabilization with a conventional rod. IlluminOss offers a less invasive approach designed to make more effective implants possible. I’m very satisfied with the results in this case to date and look forward to offering this treatment option to more patients who qualify,” Terek said.

Click here to read the story on Providence Business News.

Click here to read the release on Becker's Spine Review. Feature entitled "Dr. Richard Terek performs 1st Rhode Island IlluminOss orthopedic fracture case: 5 key notes Featured"


Dr. Richard Terek among team of doctors that help young cancer survivor return to the basketball court

At the age of 11, it was determined that Colin had a cancerous tumor that involved his pelvis and hip joint. He had the surgery to remove the cancerous tumors in January of 2012. Dr. Richard Terek was among a team of doctors involved in the 17 hour surgery.

It has now been two years since the surgery and Colin is cancer free. “He had a tumor that involved the pelvis as well as his hip joint. I had to remove part of his pelvis and hip joint to remove his cancer, and at this point his cancer seems to be cured,” Terek said. “I had to reconstruct his hip joint with some of the socket that was left.”

After a long road to recovery, Colin has been able to return to the basketball courts at the Martin Recreation Center — the Hut, as it’s known by the locals — to play basketball on Saturdays. “It’s great. It’s good to be back, because I haven’t played in a while,” Colin said. There was a time when he thought his days of playing sports were over.

Click here to read more about Colin’s successful return to activity, after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his pelvis and hip joint.


Dr. Richard Terek, MD, FACS has been awarded a $1.4 million research grant from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health to study bone cancer.

terek, rhode island hospital, national institute for cancer research, bone cancer, Rhode Island, ProvidenceThe research will be focused on mechanisms to develop new therapies and strategies to prevent metastasis of chondrosarcoma based on microRNA and nanotechnology. The grant is an R01 grant, the original and oldest grant mechanism used by the National Institutes of Health. “R01 grants from the National Institutes of Health are highly competitive, and there are very few orthopaedic surgeon – scientists who are successful at competing for these grants” says Terek. “The research environment and collaborators in the Orthopaedic Research Laboratories, built and expanded over the years by philanthropy, prior grants, and the department, all contribute to the success of our research program, says Dr. Michael Ehrlich, Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and CEO of University Orthopediccs, Inc. Learn more, click here.


Spine Surgeons at University Orthopedics among first in Rhode Island to use FluoroNav system that pinpoints surgical locations with real-time 3D images

spine navigation for orthopedic spine surgery and pediatric spine surgery, first in rhode island to use gps technology for spine - Fluoronav Rhode Island, ProvidenceThe FluoroNav surgical guidance system enables more accurate, efficient placement of spinal instrumentation in complex spine reconstructive procedures. The system is also known as “GPS for the spine,” the system allows surgeons to place orthopedic screws more efficiently, and also reduces the amount of X-ray radiation exposure to patients.

“This technology allows real time monitoring of hardware insertion using three dimensional models of the spine, so that screws can be safely placed even in the smallest of areas,” said Mark Palumbo, MD, an orthopedic spine surgeon at University Orthopedics / Rhode Island Hospital. “We use FluoroNav in orthopedics for spinal surgeries, but it can also be used for real time imaging in several types of surgeries including tumor resection, pelvic reconstructions, trauma cases and many others.” Read more here.


University Orthopedics would like to announce the addition of Chris Got, MD, and Scott Paxton, MD.

August 1, 2013 — Dr. Got will be joining the Hand Division and Dr. Paxton will be in Shoulder and Elbow. The addition of new surgeons is part of University Orthopedics’ ongoing efforts to improve patient access. Patients can request appointments online by clicking here. Physicians can refer a patient by clicking here. In addition we have made it easier to refer patients and schedule appointments with our central scheduling service at 401-457-1500. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Got and Dr. Paxton to University Orthopedics and University Physicians, Inc. Read more here.


Spine Navigation and 3D Imaging now at University Orthopedics in Rhode Island

latest spine techniques rhode island, spine fusion surgery rhode island, spine center rhode island, spine surgery rhode island, spine navigation technology for spine surgery in rhode island, 3d imaging used by spine surgeons during surgery
Image below shows pedicle screw planning.
Image used courtesy Stryker® Corporation.
All rights reserved.

March 25, 2013 — Most people who have watched a 3D movie on a big screen, will agree that it is a pretty cool technology. When it comes to 3D imaging for spine navigation to assist with complex spine surgeries, physicians and patients would both agree that this technology is a welcome addition to the operating room as well.

Dr. Mark Palumbo, Dr. Craig Eberson and Dr. Phillip Lucas at the University Orthopedics Spine Center in Rhode Island now apply the power of navigation technology to spine surgery. The Spine Navigation System places the spine surgeons at University Orthopedics at the forefront of computer assisted surgery for spine in the nation. Read more here.


What can you say to the people who saved your mother’s life?

March 24, 2013 — After Dr. Mark Palumbo removed a cancerous spinal tumor, Pat's mother is looking forward to enjoying her first cruise — with her daughter, Pat, and two granddaughters. Dr. Mark Palumbo is a fellowship-trained spine surgeon in Rhode Island with offices in East Greenwich and Providence. Read more here. dr ehrlich in the news, providence orthopedic surgeon, providence orthopedic surgery, rhode island orthopedic surgeon

"Angels eye life sciences investments", Providence Business News, November 05, 2012

Click here to read article.


Rhode Island Hospital orthopedic surgeon Edward Akelman, M.D., named president of American Society for Surgery of the Hand
September 24, 2012

Edward Akelman, M.D. becomes president-elect of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.
September 8, 2011

Charity Funds Combat Wound Research
May 18, 2011

Phillip Lucas, MD, Receives Milton Hamolsky Outstanding Physician Award
January 24, 2011

Non-Operative treatment of Dupuytren’s Disease hand and finger flexion contractures
September 7, 2010

University Orthopedics Physicians listed as Top Doctors in Rhode Island
April 22, 2010

UOI Doctors Speak About Experience in Haiti on FOX Providence News
February 17, 2010

UOI Doctors Aid in Haiti Relief
February 4, 2010

Medical Equipment Drive
August 22, 2011

Michael Ehrlich, MD, Featured in Brown Medicine Magazine
March 3, 2011

Medical Equipment Donation Drive
July 27, 2010

RIH and TMH: Blue Distinctions Centers for Knee and Hip Replacement and Spine Surgery
November 3, 2009

Computer Navigation For ACL Reconstruction
April 21, 2008

Exploring New Treatments
April 21, 2008

New Hope For Shoulder Mobility and Pain Relief
April 21, 2008

Computer Navigation for Minimally Invasive Hip and Knee Surgery
January 28, 2008

Anatomy of An Emergency Response That Went Right
January 27, 2008

Michael G. Ehrlich, Physician of the Year
February 2006

University Orthopedic Physician to Head Amputee Research Project
March 14, 2005

University Orthopedics Physician Appointed AOFAS Program Chairman
March 2, 2005



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