Hand Injury Symptoms


Anyone with a hand injury should consider visiting a doctor or seek medical attention. Some common symptoms of hand injuries can include tenderness, numbness, weakness, decrease range of motion, infections, burns and bleeding. A seemingly insignificant hand injury may indeed require advanced treatment in order to prevent infection or loss of function.

Fractures and dislocations usually cause swelling and discoloration. Injuries to the hand that are accompanied with severe bleeding, loss of motion or strength, or deformity require emergency medical attention at a hospital's emergency department. Do not wait to seek treatment.

A severe hand injury that breaks the skin can expose underlying structures, such as tendons, bones, joints, arteries, veins, or nerves. This type of injury will require significant treatment or surgery. It is important to stay alert for any of the signs of infection, such as tenderness, local warmth, redness, swelling, pus, or fever.

Seek emergency medical care immediately if wounds are due to an animal or human bite. A common cause of a human bite wound is when a punch strikes the opponent's teeth and results in a cut on the hand. A bite injury may appear minor, but can lead to severe infections with significant deformity or disability. These injuries have a very high rate of severe infections.

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