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Valentin Antoci, M.D.

Adult Reconstructive Surgeon - University Orthopedics - Dr Valentin Antoci - Rhode IslandValentin Antoci, M.D.

Adult Reconstruction of the Hip and Knee
Fellowship-trained Adult Reconstruction
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Appointment Information:

Patient Appointments, Surgical Scheduling & Administration
Call: 401-330-1480
Fax: 401-270-0105

Valentin Antoci, M.D.

Adult Reconstruction of the Hip and Knee
Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon


Dr. Antoci is a Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon with a focus in Adult Reconstruction, Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery and a special interest in unicompartmental partial knee replacement, minimally invasive surgery, complex reconstructions, failed total joints, preservation techniques, and trauma.  He is a graduate of the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and has extensive training in the field that involves the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery Program in Boston, the Harris Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Program with the Massachusetts General Hospital, and previously the Rothman Institute with the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. 

Dr. Antoci a frequent lecturer, both locally and nationally, and has authored and coauthored over a dozen book chapters, many journal articles, and has over 100 presentations and talks at national and international meetings. He served as an associate editor for the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, a reviewer for Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research and BMC Infectious Diseases journals. Dr. Antoci is member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, and the Orthopaedic Research Society. His work has resulted in several national and international awards including the Infectious Diseases Society of America Edward H. Kass Fellowship, the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty Ernesto De Santis Award, the Musculoskeletal Infection Society Jeannette Wilkins Award, the Eastern Orthopaedic Association Best Paper Award, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery Poster Award. His current research interests focus upon joint implant design, tissue engineering, and biological interactions at the implant interface. In his free time, he is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys involvement in the community with local sports teams and activity groups.


Dudley Street
2 Dudley St.
Providence, RI

Kettle Point
1 Kettle Point Ave.
East Providence, RI

East Greenwich
1598 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI


AAOS Record of Disclosures

Undergraduate Degree:

Concord College, Philadelphia, PA. 

Medical Degree:

M.D., Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA.


General Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital


Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery Program, Boston, MA


Harris Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA


American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery - Board Eligible 

Hospital Affiliations:

  • Mirriam Hospital
  • Newport Hospital
  • Providence VA Hospital


Dr. Valentin Antoci Comments Would Recommend
I just wasnt happy that the dr wasnt provided with my mri which i know made it to your office 100%

I find that Dr. Valentin ANTOCI to an superb doctor. He understands my needs, and responds clearly. He has been handling my ortho
needs for over an year and. I am very much impressed at how he handles my issues. Thank you.

This was a second opinion visit. I am very pleased with Dr. Antoci and his assurance to be able to help me. Very kind man. 100%
Happy with doctor and staff 100%

Was rushed....short visit...about 3‐5 minutes. Prescribed pt which makes sense, no interest ot time for questions.....efficient, but no interest
in patient. Would follow up with someone elseIn future if necessary.

Excellent doctor I recommend him to everyone 100%
Very polite sioff talking cam person! Smile is comforting youneoilg fined out 100%
He listens carefully,does not mince words.tells it like it is. 100%
A Great and A Great and Fabulous Doctor. 100%

Dr Valentin is an excellent surgeon. He changed my life, I'm able to do every day things I was prevented from doing because of the injury
to my hip. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed hip surgery.

Awesome doctor! 100%
He listened, explained everything clearly 100%
Seems to know what he’s doing 100%
Today I was able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes only because of Dr. Antoci's superlative surgery skills demonstrated in the total replacement
of my right hip. In addition he was able to perform the surgery leaving a scar that measures only 2 inches long. Terrific surgeon!
Very satisfied wit Dr Antoci 100%

Dr. Antoci is thoughtful, skilled and caring. I was fortunate to have found him. I would recommend him highly. He is informative, and he
educates you in your condition plus answers questions thoroughly so you can understand.


As always, Dr. Antoci and his staff were courteous and made me feel welcomed. Dr. Antoci answered all my questions and was patient and
understanding regarding my concerns. He is a rockstar! After hip replacement I can

He is a rockstar! After hip replacement I can finally walk without pain. 100%
Very thorough and explains everything in detail 100%
Dr Antochi is very professional and thorough and genuinely seems to care about my well‐being. 100%
A very helpful visit 100%
I would appear from communications from Dr. Antoci's office that there is some type of follow up to my last visit, however the
rationale is not clear. Have been informed that come Monday, January 14 this will be clarified. Am particularly concerned with what
appears to be deterioration in my overall ability to ambulate, overall balance which has been addressed though from a cognitive
perspective continue to teach the use, and basic maintenance of computers at the local Senior Center,and in continuing my education
online in various disciplines which I have an interest at the audit level.
Well versed on issue presented 90%
One of the very best doctors I have ever seen. A true pleasure experience. 100%
I have only been to Dr. Antoci twice, so am reluctant to rate him more highly. I found him very attentive at this visit, in terms of my
particular problem.
He was wonderful! I have some questions. I called the office with my concerns and just waiting to hear back! 100%
I am very happy with the care I receive from Dr. Antoci. I also feel my operation was a success. 100%
Excellent job with surgery and patient interaction 100%
The doctor talked about a brace that is used with your actual shoe laces.Can he give me the he name of that brace and how to
read more on it?
Excellent job, first time in years without pain 100%
An amiable, very professional practitioner. I’ll be recommending him to friends with knee needs. Thanks. 100%
Great! 100%
I think he is awesome. He answers all your questions in a nice, patience way. 100%
I had knee surgery about a year ago and Dr. Fadale was my surgeon. When I started experiencing the same issue with my other knee I called his office for an appointment, to my surprise I was told that he does not take patients over 65 and was referred to dr Antoci.
Disappointed and a bit apprehensive I scheduled the appointment with Dr. Antoci. I am happy to report I was very pleased with the visit. I will continue with Dr Antoci for any orthopedic needs I may have in the future related to his specialty. Still extremely dissspointed about Dr. fadale.
I have not received my packet for my coming surgery for 1/9/19 yet. 100%
Great guy!!!!! I did my research after Dr Bliss retired and picked Dr Antoci out of the practice and couldn’t be any happy with his
demeanor and professionalism.
Dr. Antoci was very helpful and explained my options very well in layman’s terms. 100%
Unfortunately, Dr. Antocci either had a competing appt. or had an urgent need come up. He poked his head in the door, informed
me that he couldn't see me, asked if everything was ok ﴾it was﴿, stated that I should get my copay back and book for another yearly
increment. I would value the time to speak to Dr. Antocci, or another conversant informed care giver. I take my hip replacement seriously, never saw the x‐rays taken on the day of visit, and took time off work to make the appointment. I understand that emergencies happen. I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery ﴾done 4 Oct 2017﴿, and am happy with my levels of recovery, pain, and mobility. I worry that Dr. Antocci is getting too busy.
Was very pleased with my care 100%

Dr Antoci makes me feel very comfortable & confident with his abilities. He performed my right knee replacement & did such a great job he is replacing my left knee. I'm sure my second surgery will be as successful as my first.

Very confidant his care. 100%
Dr Antoci is the greatest! I had an orthopedic dr in Boston that took me 6 years and 7 Drs to find. I found Dr Antoci by accident when my mother needed emergency hip surgery and he was a gift from God! I wish I had found him for me years ago but I have him now. Definitely excellent!! 100%
High Mark's for everyone at University ORTHOPEDIC 100%
The entire office staff were a delight 100%
The visit was completely unnecessary and could've been handled over the phone. 0%
Dr Antoci's assistant did a nice job of setting a relaxed but professional setting by helping with the paperwork and taking my history ‐
That helped a lot. Dr Antoci then stepped in. He is a really nice guy and very knowledgeable. He worked caringly with me to learn my medical history concerning my left knee , he did a very thorough physical exam of my knee and together we came up with a plan for treatment going forward. My experience with him could not have been better. I am very pleased that Dr Antoci has been assigned to my case.

Doc was straight forward instructing me what I need to do. I know he will be my side during surgery to enhance my life style. .my wife and I are very pleased with Dr Antoci

I wish I could see him more. Although I do like Daniele very much.It takes to long to renew prescriptions. Twice I had to wait 5
days! Absolutely ridiculous!
Kind caring professional knowledgeable 100%
It was my first visit with Dr. Antoci ‐ he made it easy to understand what are possible avenues to address my issue. 100%

My visit was efficient. X rays were taken upon arrival. The doctor directly reviewed them and I was given the results promptly. He was informative and concise and attentive. In no way did I feel rushed and the experience was more than satisfactory.


I'm grateful that Dr. Antochi is my surgeon. I appreciate the time he has taken with me to answer my questions, relieving my anxiety before surgery. Thank you for such great care!

Comforting and personable 100%
While this was an initial appointment for a surgery we ﴾my wife and I﴿ were very happy with the answers to all our questions at this visit. Dr. Antoci was kind and patient. We are hoping this will continue throughout the entire process as he will be doing surgery just before Christmas. 100%

I had another problem that I mentioned to the doctor regarding the right knee. He did not seem too concerned with the problem and
said it could a Baker's cyst. No xray was taken . This seemed strange to me.

The East Greenwich office is too crowded and too noisy 80%

Dr. Antoci is an exceptional doctor. He speaks to you in layman’s language. He asks you if you have any questions & then explains in detail the answers. He’s a compassionate and caring doctor. There should be more doctors like him.

Made me feel very comfortable about my up coming surgery 100%
Dr. Antoci is very easy to talk to and feel very comfortable with. Would highly recommend him. 100%
Very personable, concerned about your health, and an excellent teacher!!! 100%
Dr Antoci is really remarkable. He is caring and attentive. Also if I called with an issue or questions he would contact me personally in a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know that has a hip or knee issue 100%

He's kind and caring, he listens to me. Which is hard to find in a doctor. I wish there were more doctors like him.i have many medical issues. He treats me with dignity. He makes this world a nicer place to be in. Thanks Doc.

Excellent experience. Excellent MD 100%

I find Dr. Antoci to be very personal while also being very professional. His approach and demeanor are very patient oriented. Definitely one of the best!


Why didn't you tell me you moved?  I went to your previous location on So. Cty. Trail.  Fortunately I met a person in the parking lot who directed me to your current location.

Dr. Antoci was fantastic!  He listened to my concerns and questions. I felt like I was having a conversation with a good friend. 


Dr. Antoci is personable professional and respectful. I have total confidence in him and his staff. I have recommended him to many friends seeking hip/knee surgery.


Dr. Antoci is very professional and a great listener I would highly recommend him and already have.


looking forward to excellent health and pain free days as Dr Antoci resolves my hip and arthritis issues. thank you 


Very satisfied


Dr. Antoci is truly a professional caring and top notch doctor. He takes the time to talk to you and explain your situation. He is very detailed and considerate while encouraging physical therapy to aid in the healing process. I rated him a 10 because he earned it and deserves it.


I have been completely happy with Dr. Valentin Antoci since I first met him on August 25 2017 and continue to recommend him to any and all who ask about my total hip replacement surgery.  I hope I never have to have my left hip replaced but if I do I will demand Dr. Antoci.


Live this place.. very thorough and fast service


Dr. Antoci exceeded all of my expectations!  I am an independent thinker and often find doctors are either on autopilot or dismissive.  Dr. Antoci was neither.  He engaged with me as an intelligent human being with fears questions and concerns.   He had reviewed my films and prior doctor notes and was able to speak to me immediately about relevant care and tips on physical therapy to ensure my artificial hip does not dislocate again.  I look forward to continuing my follow up care with him.


Please note that in the past I had good to poor experiences at University Orthopedics and did not plan to return.  I will now highly recommend Dr. Antoci and your office.  


He explained the need for a hip injection and I agreed with that.  But I wanted to be put to sleep because of bad experiences with back injections in the past.  I am afraid of having an injection because of the pain I am in.


When I made a comment about something that I found difficult (putting on socks) Dr. Antoci surprised me by asking exactly how I did it. and followed up my explanation/demonstration by asking how I did it with the other foot.  Completely logical but not the kind of interaction I've had with some other doctors.


He was very intent on making sure I understood my xrays problems with my knee and follow up exercises and PT.


The office staff was extraordinarily friendly and supportive.  The office ran efficiently and on time.  Overall it was one of the better experiences I have had with any medical office.


In general I was very pleased with my meeting with the doctor. I was able to ask the questions that I needed to and felt that I understood his responses. But as I look back I realize it would’ve been very useful for him to have a look at me standing in order to factor in scoliosis so that I could have a broader view of how I could use and move my body relating to the anatomical anomalies. For the future I think it’s important information for the doctor to see patient standing to look at how whole overall the spinal curves. This could inform how those anomalies relate to the hip condition. I would’ve found this incredibly useful as I am a yoga teacher and deeply interested in anatomy not to mention my own! Thanks. 


The only negative about the visit is that when he came in the room he asked me how my knee was. But he replaced my hip. So it seems he hadn't even checked my file to see who I was and why I was there.




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  • Chapters 59 A & B: Options for Acetabular Revision and Surgical Techniques: Metal Augments in “Techniques in Revision Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, by Giles R Scuderi MD”.  Jenkins DR, Sierra, RJ, Lewallen DG.  Elsevier 2014
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