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Raymond Hsu, M.D.

Raymond Hsu, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Fellowship-Trained in Foot and Ankle Surgery
Fellowship-Trained in Orthopedic Trauma

Appointment Information:

Patient Appointments, Surgical Scheduling & Administration
Call:  401-443-4290
Fax: 401-270-1335

Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Fellowship-Trained in Foot and Ankle Surgery
Fellowship-Trained in Orthopedic Trauma


Dr. Hsu specializes in the disorders of the foot and ankle. He treats acute injuries including fractures, traumatic cartilage injuries, ligament and tendon tears, and sprains. He also treats chronic conditions such as arthritis, degenerated tissues, and sequelae of old injuries. He is experienced in lower extremity trauma in general, but his focus in on injuries and disorders of the foot and ankle. 

Dr. Hsu grew up in New Jersey and went to college in Philadelphia. He received his medical degree from Cornell University in New York City. He completed his orthopedic residency at Brown University, where he also completed a fellowship in orthopedic trauma. He completed his fellowship dedicated to foot and ankle surgery at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Hsu’s research interests include the impact of lower extremity fractures in the elderly population, efficient resource utilization in orthopedics, occupational radiation exposure for surgeons, and appropriate use of advanced imaging in foot and ankle patients. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. He is Board Certified with the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.


Dudley Street
2 Dudley Street, Suite 200
Providence, RI 02905

Kettle Point
1 Kettle Point Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914

East Greenwich
1598 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818


AAOS Record of Disclosures


  • University of Pennsylvania (BAS, BSE)

Medical School:

  • Cornell University (MD)

Orthopedic Residency:

  • Brown University (Orthopedics)


  • Brown University (Orthopedic Trauma); University of Utah (Orthopedic Foot and Ankle)

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery - Board Certified


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Dr. Hsu Comments Would Recommend
Best personal style rapport with me as a patient and a very cogent description of my choices. I was extremely impressed and will return to this doctor. 100%
He was excellent in all aspects 100%
Dr Hsu is great. I trust him completely. 100%
Well it was my first visit, my first impression is very very favorable I think Dr. Hsu really knows his stuff he seems intelligent and well trained he is however extremely fast in his talking, please don’t misunderstand I’m not upset I was actually trying not to chuckle or laugh he’s so quick with his talking probably because he’s a very intelligent guy and has a lot of information rattling around up there in his head, if he slows down just a little bit he’s going to be Super excellent, like I said don’t misunderstand, he seems to be a great doctor and I’m very happy with everything there and with Dr. Hsu the place was gorgeous, very high tech, very clean, everybody was very professional I like the organization a lot, you all get a gold star. 100%
Dr. Hsu was very informative and helpful in treating my plantar fasciitis. 100%
I was in the waiting room for a long time. The doctor said “we can’t find your xrays, sorry. 40%
I would least like to see copies of all my xrays. 100%

Excellent doctor with a great “bed side” personality—extremely knowledgeable and professional. So glad I was able to be seen for a second opinion and was extremely happy with his diagnosis and treatment recommendations. A+ doctor!

I’m thrilled to have found Dr Hsu and this whole office. In one visit I received more care and attention than in all my visits with my previous doctor combined! 100%

Dr Hsu is excellent, he explained everything in detail reletive to my condition and encouraged me to contact him with any concerns I may have. I am very confident that he will treat me and my condition in an excellent manner.

Excellent experience 100%
Dr. Hsu was great! Will definitely recommend him to friends and family members if ever needed! 100%
I am very happy with Dr.Hsu and will be having surgery within a couple of weeks 100%
Excellent!!!! 100%
Dr. Hsu was excellent. If I were to have any future problems in foot or ankle areas I would definitely contact Dr. Hsu, and I would highly recommend him. 100%
Dr. Hsu is very respectful and kind as well as knowledgeable. The office and nursing staff are very pleasant and helpful as well. 100%
I came to Dr. Hsu for a second opinion regarding a problem with my foot. I chose him because he had treated my husband who had broken his ankle last December. We were both so very impressed with his talent, his thoroughness, his ability to blend warmth with professionalism, and his willingness to answer any and all questions we had had. I felt the same about him on my visit yesterday. My husband and I recommend him most highly. 100%
Need more time to decide if someone could give me a ride for surgery at such a short notice. 100%
This does not reflect on Dr Hsu personally but I would not recommend University Orthopedics due to excessive wait times. At least an hour behind every visit. 50%
Not necessarily a comment towards Hsu, but my appointment was for 10:15 and I did not see him until noon 70%
He took time to explain everything to me. I never felt rushed and he answered all my questions completely 100%
Dr Hsu was very thorough with his exam and diagnosis. He provided a lot of information on my condition and what I needed to do for it. He showed that he cared and wanted to understand what was happening and truly wanted to help me heal. I would highly recommend him to others looking for orthopedic foot care. 100%
Dr Hsu was so excellent. I was scared and nervous but I felt comfortable in his capable hands. I was able to ask questions and receive straightforward answers. My stress was alleviated knowing every aspect of my procedure and follow up care. I am grateful to have such an attentive and intelligent provider. 100%
No complaints 80%
He’s a nice position and I think he can help me 80%
Dr Hsu was easy to understand and explained the treatment well. He did not address pain control at all. For someone that has broken bones and torn tendons/ligaments, I should think exploring pain control medications/other options would be a key component to recovery. 80%
He explained everything really clearly, was friendly and kind, and obviously a real expert in his field. I look forward to seeing him again. 100%
He listened to my problem and formulated further investigation and follow up for final diagnosis. 100%
Raymond Hsu was excellent in diagnosis and recommendation. 100%
Cool doctor 100%
He is an excellent Doctor who care about his patients I experience it myself doring my visit. 100%
Excellent doctor 100%
R. Hsu and his staff made me feel very comfortable l Thank them 100%
Dr. Hsu was very professional and took his time with me. I did not feel like So was just a number but a stormy. 100%
We need more Doctors like him in world 100%
I am most grateful for the care I received from Dr. Hsu. He coordinated my surgery with a surgical procedure I had done on the same date with Dr. Coleen. I appreciate my care coordination and their personal interest on getting me back on my feet in an expedient manner. Most professional and progressive. Coordinated care, how terrific! 100%
This comment is not in regards to the doctor but the X‐ray technicians that gave me stress test on my ankle you should know that I was not in any pain arriving to the doctors but after the x‐rays were taken my calf was sore felt like a charlie horse in the middle of the night then it got worse by the time I left after that for the next 2 days I had a very hard time putting weight on that calf because of the painful manipulation of my foot when the x‐rays were taken 2 days I had a knot in my calf and I was in terrible pain for which I warned the technicians I had not walked on my calf for 5 to 6 days and it was very sensitive they didn't seem to be too worried about it and proceeded to take the x‐rays and stretch the calf muscle Way Beyond what had should have been stretched so now I have pain probably for the next 2 days until it heals mind you my ankle has no pain now it's coming from what happened at at Radiology just thought you should know maybe speak to the technicians make them aware when a patient says that their muscle is sensitive due to not using it not to stress it Beyond what it should be stretched out. 100%

Dr. Hsu was very knowledgeable about my injury and I felt very comfortable discussing with him my treatment options for the bestoutcome. He also seems to be a caring person and was very kind. I felt I was in good hands with him as my doctor.

Dr. JSU is an excellent physician and puts the patient first and foremost in all he does. He is respectful, obviously really smart and willing to listen. Great combination and no doubt he provides clinically up to date, sound advice and care to his patients. 100%
Dr Hsu seemed very knowledgable about my medical problem . I have follow up visits scheduled w him and will have a better understanding of the kind of dr he is. 80%
Excellent visit 100%
Dr. Hsu, is a knowledgeable doctor, explains ever details of your surgery and any concerns you have. I highly recommend Dr. Hsu the best in his field if work. I greatly appreciate him for helping me through my surgery and recovery. I can't express my gratitude to this brilliant DOCTOR he has a wonderful career that he has achieved all I can say is thank you very much for your conpassion, and concerns for your patients. 100%
I was very happy with my visit wth Dr Hsu. Explained options very carefully. 100%
Dr. Hsu was excellent. He spent a great deal of time with me, he explained everything in detail and he patiently answered all of my questions. 100%
Dr. Hsu is a very great doctor but seems to be too busy I waited more than an hour to be seen by him. 100%

Dr. Hsu is an excellent physician. He is professional, knowledgeable and an excellent surgeon. He answers all concerns and reassured me about my surgery. I would and have recommended Dr. Hsu to others.

I first impression of the facility was it was very busy and I thought I would be just another task but everyone was so caring and warm. 100%
Lucy would like a second opinion in terms of treatment. I think Dr Hsu is spot on but she is suffering and looking for more info. Can he order an mri before the next appointment and can we possible meet with another sesamoid specialist ﴾foot﴿ just this one time? Thanks so much! I was going to call you and maybe this message will save me some time! 90%
From my initial visit to surgery the following day all was exceedingly pleasant. I was put at ease by all staff and have had as pleasant a recovery as possible. 100%
An excellent young man and a Doctor that I trust 100%

Dr. Hsu always is willing to answer any questions you have a spends as much time as necessary so you feel comfortable with what was explained and making sure you understood.


Dr. Hsu was terrific, very professional. The office does him a disservice in managing his time and clients....a 40+ minute wait is ridiculous and I came a half hour earlier for diagnostic which ran timely so the extra wait was unnecessary.

He is wonderful. I feel that he is understanding, incredibly competent and understands how to put a patient at ease 100%
Nice, clean advanced offices 100%
Good visit. Shoe insert ordered. 100%
Found the problem that 4 other doctors missed. 100%

Dr. Hsu is an excellent doctor who basically gave me back the ability to walk without pain. I will always be appreciative and will recommend him to anyone who needs a specialist in ankles.

Dr. Hsu is a very kind and compassionate doctor. He explained my condition to me, and is very caring. 100%
very courteous, very well informed about my condition and I was relived that I would not need surgery 100%

Everything about the entire process in both my surgeries was excellent and that includes all staff involved at every level of your organization. Everyone involved was outstanding!

Great Experience at Kettle pt. The problem was the number of phone calls to get an appointment to be seen for my daughter's fractured foot. I understand why people just go to ER. It took MULTIPLE phone calls for my daughter to get to be seen by an orthopedic that was a tier 1 for my insurance. 100%
He is a very good doctor. 100%

This is my second visit to Dr. Hsu. He is friendly and polite; Ready to listen to my concerns and to offer non surgical suggestions first to improve my condition. I like that.


I like De Hsu as he made time for me, was not rushed, understands his field, explained things such that I could inderstand, and when I asked Why questions or posed alternate solutions he patiently explained pros and cons.

Dr. Hsu has been awesome! Twice now he's fit me into his schedule last minute, and has explained things to me in a logical but easy to understand way. 100%
Excellent ProviderSuperb Visit 100%
Very smart man and has an excellent manner about him. 100%
Lovely man who listens and treats a person like a person. 100%
In addition to being very happy with Dr. Hsu, overall everyone I encountered at University Orthopedics was very kind and helpful. 100%
Dr Hsu was exstreamly good he preformed the surgery on my heel first thing Saturday morning and everything when very well just as he said it would. I feel very good under his supervision and his bedside manner was tops he explained the surgery with all the needed details and followed up with a later visit to my room shortly after the surgery which was very good if him. 100%
Wonderful experience. Would highly recommend. 90%
Very happy with Dr Raymond Hsu , MD He explained everything clearly about my condition 100%
This has been a very painful recovery, after 4 months still in pain 90%
Was very happy with Dr. Hsu, would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Great doctor

Dr. Hsu always spends as much time as necessary to make sure you are fully comfortable with what he has to say. He is very thorough in his approach.




Was very pleasant and communicated with the 15 year old patient with ease.


I was very pleased with Dr. Hsu. He was very kind, professional and knowledgeable.


He’s great. I’ve seen him a couple times and really enjoyed having him as a doctor.


Dr. Hsu was extremely caring and professional. Explaining all options. I never felt rushed / he was willing to spend the time fir me to thoughtly understand my options and recovery time.


Dr. Hsu was very thorough with his exam as well as going over how the injury itself actually happened. He has a great bedside manner, is patient and was very informative. I would highly recommended him to others. Thank you.

Patient, understanding excellent doctor patient relationship! 100%

Dr. Hsu was amazing! From the moment I met him he was extremely friendly and welcoming given the circumstances of my injury. He explained everything and had me feeling much better about everything thats to come.

Dr Hsu is excellent. Very happy with experience and outcome. I had opposite experience 3 years ago. Was concerned but both UO and Dr Hsu really came through this time. 100%
Dr. Hsu took his time with me and gave me options, not to mention he worked with both my ankles to figure outwhat could be my issue. 100%
Just a great doctor!!! 100%
The doctor was attentive and very polite. I was nervous at first but he put me at ease. Great bedside manner 100%
Dr. Hsu was one of the best doctors I’ve ever met. He is very intelligent and obviously very skilled, but I really appreciate it the way he explained everything to me. He even gave me a nutritional advice to help my healing. He was a great listener. I have already recommended him since my visit less than 24 hours ago! 100%
Very kind, professional, good bed side manner. Was very pleased with my visit besides the waiting time. 90%

Dr. Hsu was very friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. He took into consideration my lifestyle and concerns when determining the best treatment plan. My visit was a very positive experience.

You are not insured at this point to give shits because of the newness of the facility, so the Dr. Sent out the shot to RI hospital. They got back to me, but we’re not able to see me until the 24 th of this month. As I am in pain it seems a bit long to wait. 100%
Exceptionally good listener and explained condition and options in understandable manner. 100%
Love the practice and doctor! 100%
Dr Hsu is TERRIFIC! He is knowledgeable, personable, professional. Am so glad that a friend recommended I contact University Orthopedics. Thank you!!! 10%
Very rushed, person bringing patient to room very curt. Girl at reception desk very pleasant. 100%
In addition to all I have already rated, Dr. Hsu demonstrated the utmost respect in considering my time as a working professional, his understanding of the life impact my foot is having and the genuine interest in getting me back to where I want to be! Have already recommended him to 2 people and I met with him 2 days ago! Your EP facility is also beautiful!